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About Us

We are award-winning manufacturers of Graphene.

We collaborate with companies to create the next-generation of products.


We are 2-DTech Graphene.

Our Team

We would LOVE to meet you.

Neill Ricketts

Neill is a graduate engineer with over 20 years of senior level experience in manufacturing and engineering companies, including several directorships of AIM-quoted companies. Neill has demonstrated success in introducing and commercialising new technology, including new materials and coatings for diverse sectors from aerospace to Formula One, including significant work in the oil and gas sector. Neill has successfully led several successful turnarounds and was a board level director at Elektron Technology plc, a group which included Total Carbide, which at that time sat within the Elektron Ventures division.

Mark Dickie
Business Development Manager

Appointed to his position in Versarien in January 2016, Mark has many years of experience in the composites market. He was the Business Unit Manager at Caparo Advanced Composites for 3 years, and previously at Umeco (taken over by Cytec) for 17 years, 5 years, as Production Manager and latterly Assistant Business Unit Manager. Mark has a BTEC National Diploma in Engineering from High Peak College.

Dr Craig P. Dawson
Research & Technology Officer

Craig has extensive experience working as a multidisciplinary scientist in several fields including coatings, polyurethanes, process development, energy generation and energy storage.

Craig has several publications in peer reviewed academic journals as well as three patent applications, he holds a first class honours degree in Applied Chemistry from MMU, as well as a PhD in materials for fuel cell applications from the University of Manchester. Craig is currently leading 2-DTechs' small team of highly skilled physicists, materials scientists, chemists and engineers, working on 2D material production and formulation for use in a multitude of different projects such as aerospace, automotive, oil&gas, sport, built environment, printable electronics, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, renewable energy, electronic devices as well as others.

Kaylie Smith
Polymer Scientist

Kaylie is a Polymer Scientist at Versarien Advanced Composites. She graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2010 with a first class MChem Chemistry, specialising in a project around smart polymers. Shortly afterwards she joined Ketonex, an engineering thermoplastics company concerned with the custom design and synthesis of polyaryletherketones (PAEKs).

In 2011 Kaylie was awarded a prestigious Industrial Fellowship from the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, in collaboration between Ketonex and the University of Oxford. Her industrial DPhil project was based around the development of a novel synthetic route to a range of PAEKs, including materials design, process development and scale-up, which resulted in a number of patent applications. Kaylie joined Versarien Advanced Composites in early 2016.

Andrew Strudwick
Research Scientist

Prior to 2-D Tech in July 2014, Andrew worked as a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher on CVD graphene production at BASF for 2 years under the FP7 funded GENIUS graphene project. This was after having completed a PhD in the condensed matter physics department at the University of Leeds, a project ran in collaboration with Intel Ireland on the production of epitaxial graphene on silicon carbide. Andrew therefore has a strong background in graphene production and characterisation techniques with experience in interfacing between industry and core research. This has continued at 2-DTech, notably being a project lead on a recently completed Innovate UK funded project.

John Benson
Process Development Engineer

Dr. John Benson joined 2-DTech in 2015 as a Process Development Engineer. He gained his PhD from Ulster University in the same year, where he developed 2-D materials for electrocatalytic applications. He has worked on many top-down exfoliation techniques for the production of high quality graphene platelets and graphene oxide. Thus, John has a strong background in process development, synthesis and characterisation of graphene nanomaterials.

Arunprakash Arangaraju
Project Scientist

Dr Arun Prakash Aranga Raju has been working as a project scientist 2-DTech since November 2014. Prior to this he was working as Process Engineer (Part time) at 2-DTech since July 2013. He received his PhD degree in Nanostructured materials in 2015 from the University of Manchester where the focus of his research was on production and applications of graphene and its composites. During his PhD he developed novel methods to produce bio-compatible graphene dispersions along with graphene polymer nanocomposite coatings for optical strain sensor applications. Arun has a strong background in the synthesis and characterisation of graphene-based nanomaterials and its polymer nanocomposites. During his time at 2-DTech, Arun has been involved in improving the production methods and developing new 2D material-based products, polymer nanocomposites, coatings and inks for various applications including aerospace, automotive, sport and printable electronics.

Katherine Cotter
Office Manager

Appointed to her current position in April 2015, Katherine is responsible for the day to day operations of the office and has over 20 years experience including purchasing, invoicing, tender submissions, project management, customer service, sales and implementation of a new SAP system. Previously companies worked for include Bosch, BASF and Alfred McApline.